Vilnius Rytas strengthens the internal information technology infrastructure. The Capital Club has started cooperation with the IT consulting company Zillion Consulting.

The company, which offers a wide range of information technology services, was founded in 2010 by young and ambitious business professionals with many years of experience.

“We want to improve our internal process and documentation management IT system, therefore we are glad to have started cooperation with Zillion Consulting,” says Jaroslav Latušinskij, Ryto’s director. “Our new partners will create a new internal IT system for our organization, provide its procurement services and consult us on various information technology issues so that Rytas has a sustainable and optimized IT system that meets the highest standards in this field.”

“I have always said that action must be taken gradually. We are implementing the procedure and system recognized by international corporations for Vilnius Rytas, adapting it individually to the needs of the club. I believe the whole team will be able to enjoy the new procedures, clear structure and quick help from our engineers. Speed ​​and quality are paramount in any business, ”says Maximilian Savick, CEO of Zillion Consulting.

Zillion Consulting is characterized by high efficiency, providing the best and most pleasant service, maintenance of network equipment and computer workstations.

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